Rosin Press Machine For Sale – Reviews & Buyers Guide – Lot of features (hydraulic, plates etc..)


My Rosin Press – What’s Auxiliary?

There is no doubt in the fact that rosin press is high in demand and the main reason behind this thing is solvent free extract. You may know that extraction of rosin using solvent is banned now and now, rosin press is in use. This machine proved beneficial in cannabis extraction industry and if you are someone who is running a business of cannabis extraction then a rosin press machine is main requirement. You can find many companies that are available in market manufacturing good quality presses of different sizes. Typically, two smash plates heat up and then apply pressure against each other. The strains are kept in between so that it heat up and give the extract due to applied pressure. “My Rosin Press” is one of the top rated machines due to its affordable price and effective working.


Personal Review

If you have made your mind to purchase a rosin press machine then this is the time when you check out the specification. While purchasing “My Rosin Press”, I considered my need. This is a small size machine that is cheap in term of price and it is rated as 5 stars on Amazon. This is easy to maintain and use. It is the most pretties rosin press I have ever seen online. I am using it on daily basis and it is working well. It’s been few months that I have purchased and still now, I haven’t tackled any problem. The small size is small enough to place anywhere in workshop and get started with the use. I was searching rosin press for sale and I get to know about this machine but purchased a new one.


This machine is able to offer 6 Tons of pressure per square inch and it is quite enough to extract strains completely. The temperature range is 160F to 280F that is 71C to 104C. Both the plates have the equal size 3.07inches x 3.07 inches. The rosin press machine’s plates are made up of stainless steel that is strong enough and durable for years. The weight is 12.9 lbs and in my opinions, this is one of the lightest machines, maybe. The height of machine is 11.5 inches as it is closed but if you open the handle then it is 16 inches. The length is 10.5 inches and width is 8.5 inches.

My Rosin Press – Merits

After using this rosin press, I find that this is way different from most of the machines available in market. The merits are:
The size is small that helps in keeping the machine in any corner.
This is made up of steal body and it looks premium.
The heating mechanism work well and offer good quality extract.


Still now, I haven’t tackled any demerits and if you check out online then you won’t get any. This is one of the best machines that are available for affordable price and good enough to provide the extract. If you want to get a used one and searching rosin press for sale then you should inspect it well because if you don’t pay attention then you can end up getting wrong product.

Tuopuke Rosin Press Plates – Best Smashing Plates

As per the increase in demand of rosin press machine, there are lots of manufacturers that are stepping into this market. You are able to purchase some of the best quality machine but there will be time when you have to change the rosin press plates. In order to replace the previous one with new one, you can choose other brands and find the best quality plates. If have been searching for rosin press for sale and now, you have purchased one that don’t have smashing plates or the condition isn’t good then you can try out Tuopuke Rosin Press Plates. This is made up of aluminum and you will be amazed by the fact that there are many materials available but aluminum one is best as it heats faster and affordable also.



My Personal Experience with Tuopuke Rosin Press Plates

Basically, most of the rosin press machine users face the issue of replacing smashing plates. I had the same problem so I searched online to find the best one and I decided to go with some reputed manufacture. In the end, I get to know about Tuopuke and I ordered it.

As I get the product, the packaging wasn’t fine but still, I accepted it. The rosin press plates were in right conditions. I installed it in my old machine and turned it on and tested it. Plates heats up well and after that, I am using it on daily basis. It consumes less electricity and provides better extraction as the size of plate is enough to perform medium size extraction. You may be thinking that how I get to know about this machine? Well, the reviews helped me find it and I have decided to rate it and review it so that other can also know about the right machine.

Complete Features

Everyone wants to purchase the smashing plates that heats up faster because this can help in saving electricity and working well. If you search rosin press for sale then you can find such smashing plates available on sale. This is helpful in saving money. Well, coming back to features, these plates are capable of providing 415F in one minute. This is really too much and the plates are capable of generating too much heat. The pressure it can easily carry away is 20ton that is too high and helpful in working well. There is an electronic control box that can help you manage the temperature. This is really easy and quick method to work with the plates. This means that you don’t have to use any external method to heat these plates.

What’s Beneficial?

These rosin press plates are beneficial in many ways and the main ones are:
You get dual controller to manage the heat of both plates.
The intense force and proper heating will provide better quality extract.
Get rosin in less time than other machines.
It heats up internally that means it is much safer.
If you are thinking that there may be some cons then you are wrong. Even, after checking many websites, I tackle with single review that seemed like false so these are the best rosin press smashing plates.

Lilsmasher Rosin Press – The Best Machine In Versatility

It’s been just two years when the rosin was introduced in concentrate market and it piqued the interest in couple weeks as the concentrate is solvent free. Back in 2015, rosin wasn’t too much popular but now, the demand is completely high and there are lots of machines available in market. This machine is based on three things and if any of them isn’t right then getting fine quality rosin isn’t possible. A rosin press has two smashing plates made of hard and versatile metal to press the strain, one heating mechanism to heat these plates and the last factor is time that depends on amount of strain. If any of these isn’t in right amount then the taste of rosin can’t be preserved. You may know that using solvent to extract rosin is effective but harmful so that method is longer in use.



What Proved Beneficial to Me?

Whenever I do shopping, I have the concern toward where the product is made. LilSmasher Rosin Press is made in U.S.A. and it is a product by NugSmasher that is a reputed manufacturer. While searching for the best small size rosin press machine, I checked the reviews. All the reviews regarding this machine are positive and heartwarming. Personally, I also love it because this is easy to use and the maintenance is also easier. This machine can reach too high in PSI and the heating mechanism is good enough to provide fine quality rosin with ease. This is a hydraulic rosin machine that means there is no need to apply too much pressure. I just pull the handle down and then machine automatically applier pressure. You can find many rosin press for sale and if you are thinking to buy a used one then stay selective in approach.

LilSmasher Rosin Press – Features

This is plug and play rosin machine that is capable of providing 6500 lbs PSI. This rosin press machine is made up of solid steel and the smash plate sixe is 4”x4”. Both the plates heat to give you fine quality extract and there is temperature control avail so that you can manage the heat. The circuit is protected and the pump is manual arm.

Some Pros

After using this machine, I find of the pros. These pros are:
The Price is worth for this rosin press machine.
This is a complete kit so you don’t have to buy anything else.
It heats up well and extracts rosin excellently.
Small in shape so easy to place and maintain.

Minor Cons

Everything has some pros and cons so we can’t ignore the cons of this rosin press. These minor cons are:
In this price range, there are many other products similar to this and some cheap manufacturers can provide more features.
The handle of rosin press rattles a lot. Due to this, it is little bit tough to use but after few days, I get used to it.
If you are searching for Rosin press for sale then try some online websites. You can find many websites and get best machines in lower price.


Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press Machine – A Simple Handy Machine

After the legalization of cannabis in many states of US and Canada, it is easy to figure out the increase in demand of rosin press to get the extraction of cannabis strain. Many manufacturers come up with some awesome machines that are made up of steal as well as other hard material that is versatile. Rosineer is one of the well known manufacturers that are in this business from a long.

The rosin press machine manufactured by this company is simply handy and easy to use. There are many types of rosin press machines available that work on different mechanism. Still now, there are three main types, manual, hydraulic and pneumatic press. These prices vary according to type and material used in smashing plates. The size is also the factor that varies the cost.



What I loved About Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press Machine?

This review is based on my experience of use. I have used many machines before that are available in this price range and find that this is most convenient to use. If you are going to use a rosin press machine on daily basis but the use will be less then this is right product for you. It works fine and I have used it for hours. Even, I am using this machine 2 to 3 hours every day.

The heating system is awesome and both the smashing plates have heating mechanism and I have the option to decide that which one to heat. Both rosin press machine plates have different buttons. I can operate then individually and I am able to manage the temperature. This helped in getting the best quality rosin manually.

Specification To Know About

The heating plates have food grade stainless steel cover that provides plant oil extraction. The specification of rosin press machine is:
The temperature can rise up to 750F that is 399C.
The power required to use this machine is 700W.
It works on 110 to 120V that is standard in USA.
It weights around 33.07lbs.
The dimension of this machine is 34.7 x 31.5 x 62.5cm.

Benefits of Using Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual

Everyone wants to get a machine that has no cons so this is the best one. It has very few cons and you can get to know about the fact by reviews. If you are searching Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual rosin press for sale then try to stay selective. If you don’t want to purchase wrong product then consider complete inspection. The pros of this machine are:
This is easy to carry and it consumes less electtercity as it is manual one.

The individual switch for heat press will help you get proper heating.
It is capable of providing best quality rosin with ease.
These are some benefits and you know that there are no cons but if you check out online then you can counter with some cons.

Some Cons

Personally, I haven’t tackled with these issues but I am mentioning some that can help you know more about this rosin press.
This is manual that means you have to apply pressure externally. Sometimes this is troublesome.
Hard to use in term of placing extra strain in rosin press and pressing on your own.
These can be some personal problems but still now, I am happy with the outcomes and using it well. If you are wondering rosin press for sale then visit some websites that offer used products. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to